Applied Marine Biology


CAMS works in partnership with industry and public sector agencies on a wide range of aquaculture and fisheries projects

CAMS cooperates on a range of grant- and industry-funded projects with partners in the aquaculture industry. These involve research and development work in the laboratories and experimental aquaria in Menai Bridge, and off-site projects in the field and with our partners. CAMS is the lead partner in SEAFARE , a long-standing Atlantic Area transnational consortium of aquaculture centres and companies that is developing and promoting environmentally sustainable aquaculture technologies and farming systems. Areas we work on include:

  • Environmental interactions of aquaculture
  • Integrating aquaculture in coastal wetlands
  • Research with the shellfish farming industry 
  • Development of offshore aquaculture in the Irish Sea
  • Technologies for shellfish and marine fish hatcheries
  • Feeds and nutrition for fish and shellfish
  • Waste water treatment and constructed wetlands for marine farms.
  • News species diversification – finfish, shellfish
  • Aquaculture-based fisheries stock enhancement and conservation
  • Tropical aquaculture – penaeid shrimp, mud crabs, aquaculture & mangroves
  • Microbial water quality



CAMS staff work closely with the Fisheries and Conservation Science Group based in the School of Ocean Sciences, which is a specialist group that delivers projects collaborating with the fishing industry, research institutes and government to gather scientific evidence to support sustainable management of fisheries in Wales, the UK and abroad.

Recent areas of work include:

CAMS was lead partner in the Celtic Seatrout project,  a multi-agency Ireland-Wales partnership funded by EU INTEREG IV-A, looking at fisheries inventories, stock status and connectivity of sea trout  stocks and fisheries of the rivers entering the Irish Sea.

The fisheries team start a new 3 year project in November 2013, funded by the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), The project will study how different seabed environments in the Arabian Gulf support fisheries to develop an evidence base to inform strategies for future management.

CAMS has recently undertaken consultancy projects for the Welsh Government on recreational bass fisheries and spatial review of commercial fishing in Wales. 



NameCAMS RolePhoneEmail
Lewis LeVay Director 01248 38 8115 Lewis LeVay
Tom Galley Research Officer 01248 38 383512 Tom Galley
Jonathan King Deputy Director 01248 38 3935 Jonathan King
Shelagh Malham Research Fellow 01248 38 3952 Shelagh Malham
Ronan Roche Research Officer 01248 38 3972 Ronan Roche
Svenja Tidau Research Officer 38 Svenja Tidau
Timothy Whitton Research Officer 01248 38 383936 Timothy Whitton
Karen Tuson Research Administrative Assistant 01248 38 388078 Karen Tuson
David Mills iMarDIS Director 01248 38 3933 David Mills
David Smyth Research Officer 01248 38 388603 David Smyth
Maria Hayden-Hughes Research Project Support Officer 01248 38 351151 Maria Hayden-Hughes
Julie Webb Research Officer 01248 38 8805 Julie Webb
Natalie Hold Research Officer 01248 38 383948 Natalie Hold
Lucy Southworth Research Project Support Officer 01248 38 351151 Lucy Southworth
Philippa Bayford Research Project Support Officer 01248 38 351151 Philippa Bayford
Claire Szostek Research Officer 01248 38 8472 Claire Szostek
Kata Farkas Research Officer 01248 38 351151 Kata Farkas
Jenna Alexander Research Project Support Officer 01248 38 351151 Jenna Alexander
Nathan King Research Officer 01248 38 351151 Nathan King
Jamie Thorpe Research Project Support Officer 01248 38 351151 Jamie Thorpe
Emily Groves Research Project Support Officer 01248 38 388079 Emily Groves
Gemma Veneruso Research Officer 01248 38 2840 Gemma Veneruso
Luis Gimenez Academic Associate 01248 38 2904 Luis Gimenez
Jan Hiddink Academic Associate 01248 38 2864 Jan Hiddink
Gwyn Hughes Technician 01248 38 2905 Gwyn Hughes
Stuart Jenkins Academic Associate 01248 38 2896 Stuart Jenkins
David Jones Academic Associate 01248 38 2579 David Jones
Ian McCarthy Academic Associate 01248 38 2862 Ian McCarthy
James McDonald Academic Associate 01248 38 3077 James McDonald
Berwyn Roberts Technician 01248 38 2586 Berwyn Roberts